In 2016, I painfully discovered what many couples unfortunately experience during marriage: my spouse was having a sexual affair. What made this so difficult for me to comprehend is that we had been married 17 years, had 3 beautiful kids, and I was completely blindsided. Yet, most unbelievable to me was: “How could this happen in a Christian marriage and how could God allow this to happen to me?

Fast forward over 2 years and we are working to rebuild our marriage. It is by no means fixed. There is still pain but nothing like it was. The triggers are few and far between.  I’ve stopped asking, “why am I still with her?” Instead, I’ve started asking “How can we make our marriage better?” There are no guarantees we will make it. Both of us are capable of screwing it up at any given moment.

This blog is dedicated to sharing my journey. My goal is to provide hope and encouragement to others dealing with adultery by pointing them to the supernatural healing that is available through Jesus Christ. It is my firm belief that without Jesus in my life, I would not have survived these past two years- literally.

To further complicate matters, I personally suffer from major depressive disorder. There is no question that it affects my relationship with my spouse and our marriage. I’ve been dealing with it before we got married. Surprisingly, many people are ill-informed about this disease. We aren’t talking about “garden-variety” negative thoughts or a lack of joy and recognition for God’s saving grace. It’s a chemical imbalance in the brain that, if properly diagnosed by a physician, is treatable with medication.

I will try to share as often as I can the things that have helped me get through the past year and continue to help me move forward. Keep in mind that I am not a licensed counselor. What I am sharing is my personal experience. I firmly believe that with counseling, the prayer of friends and family, and faith in the one true almighty God, a broken marriage can be restored. God’s entire plan for us was centered on the need for restoration of our relationship with Him. Is it possible for God to restore your marriage? Absolutely!