Facing the realization of adultery in your marriage or relationship is not something you want to face alone.  It affects more people than you can imagine.  Many of those people are committed to helping you and sharing their own personal experience in recovery and healing.  These are a few support communities online that we can recommend if you want understanding, encouragement or just a place to vent.  These are all Facebook Groups, and I’m active on all three.

One word about non-Christian support forums.  It has been my experience that there are some people on these forums who are very bitter and angry- and rightly so.  However, they have not healed, even after many years.  Their experience has jaded their view of all people and relationships.  They’ve lost all hope.  That is why I created the “Christian Help For Adultery” group on Facebook.  Our focus will always remain on giving hope and encouraging one another.

The online community that we are creating specifically for Christian help and advice is:
Christian Help For Adultery

These two online community groups are also great options, but not specifically Christian:

Recovering After Infidelity
Infidelity Support Group


“Undefiled: Redemption from Sexual Sin, Restoration for Broken Relationships” by Harry Schaumburg

“Healing Your Marriage When Trust is Broken: Finding Forgiveness and Restoration” by Cindy Beall

“Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt” by Jentezen Franklin

“Adultery: The Snare of the Affair” by Jane Hunt

“Unfaithful: Hope and Healing After Infidelity” by Gary and Mona Shriver

“Hope in the Dark: Believing God is Good When Life is Not” by Craig Groeschel


Stone Gate Resources

Shortly after discovering her affair, my wife and I participated in an intensive, Biblical counseling program lasting seven consecutive days.

Dr. Harry Schaumburg is a world-renown expert in Christian Bible-based counseling that involves adultery, pornography and sexual sin. We benefitted greatly from Dr. Schaumburg’s program and I highly recommend it.